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About 10 years ago, I had a very strong desire to be everything healthy. I was on a quest to find anything that would make me feel better and look better. I was tired of being tired and having low energy levels. I seemed to have to sleep a lot more than most. I took all the seminars on nutrition and health that I could, kept up on the latest research, journal articles and read everything that came across my path that was even remotely related to food and health. I then began to put all the pieces together for myself and my patients.

One of the hardest lessons I learned in the past several years was not to be so hard on myself. I often felt my friends had a much easier time maintaining a healthy weight and I would beat myself up about it. Self punishment does not work and does not help. This book will help you let go of that notion.

In writing this book, I have become more aware of how people are influenced and I pay more attention to what people are exposed to. There is so much marketing in the weight loss industry for pills and quick fixes that people really want to believe it's true and will try almost anything. I feel that everyone should be fat at least at some point in their life, not forever, but for a brief time, because the experience will make you more humble and more understanding of others. No-one wants to be fat. No one wants to feel unattractive. No one wants to feel bad about themselves.

I feel compelled to share my knowledge with people who have experienced any health or weight issue. I feel that people are often misinformed and misled in many ways and through writing, I feel I can educate women in such a way that can make them feel much healthier, happier and in control of their lives. I am willing to do this one patient at a time.

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